Posts of the Week


Before we lose ourselves in the glorious oblivion of a three-day weekend, here’s a look at the best posts of the last five days.

Flash in the Pan made quick work of squid with chiles, lime, and herbs.

This week’s episode of Top Chef sent its contestants to make lunch for 300 members of the Air Force…

…And reminded us of our 10 Best Reasons to Hate Top Chef.

There’s smoked bluefish at the farmers market!

Cookbook Tester cracked open a copy of Everyday Harumi, the new tome from Japan’s most popular cookbook writer.

Fork in the Road launched our Visual Dim Sum Dictionary with a visit to Sunset Park’s East Harbor.

Gary Regan talked about The Gin Compendium, his new book, and what kind of a lady gin is…

…While David Burke chatted about what’s going on at the new David Burke Townhouse, and about tiresome new food trends…

…And Tasha Garcia Gibson talked about what to expect at the Tipsy Parson, her new restaurant with her Little Giant co-owner Julia Taras Wallach.

Fork in the Road on the Road ate Tex-Mex at Trudy’s in Austin…

…While closer to home, Our Man Sietsema documented the restaurant apocalypse on Hudson Street.

Cesar Ramirez talked about cooking for a live and hungry audience at Brooklyn Fare and his plans for a tiny neighborhood restaurant.

La Fonda del Sol’s Josh DeChellis shared his end-of-summer recipe for pickled watermelon salad.

And last but not least, Tasty House 18’s Taiwanese shaved ices are how we spelled ‘g-u-t-b-o-m-b” this week.