Strange Snacks of the World: The Knish Dog


The Knish Nosh knish dog, squirted with some very yellow mustard.

Two iconic Jewish foods, the frank and the knish, met five decades ago at Knish Nosh in Forest Hills, and became star-crossed lovers. Their offspring is the knish dog. He was an unruly pup, swaddled in knish dough, but grew to sturdy manhood. Now, he’s just another Strange Snack of the World, but one thoroughly enjoyed on this stretch of Queens Boulevard.

Dappled by the setting sun, the exterior of Knish Nosh.

At Knish Nosh, you can double your strange snacking pleasure by digging into a tray of mutant baby knishes, too, of which potato is the most toothsome. Perfect for parties, where guests would eschew, rather than chew, an entire bulky normal knish. 100-30 Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills, Queens, 718-897-5554

A tray of baby knishes is perfect for a party.