Tonight, A Glasslands Double Feature: Semi-Surprise YACHT Show, and Then Flashing Lights With Catchdubs, DJ Ayres, and Jubilee


Free Williamsburg and GSL (and Jona Bechtolt’s own Twitter) have teamed up to de-secrefy tonight’s previously unannounced YACHT show at Glasslands. Doors 8:30pm, show at 10:30pm, $10. And, if you RSVP now, you can get a relatively cheap double bill in with the Flashing Lights party scheduled for the same venue, later that night, and featuring Nick Catchdubs, DJ Ayres, Sammy Bananas, and “BK bass sweetheart” Jubilee. Download a teaser of the evening’s mix, RSVP for a three dollar discount, or check out the flyer below: