Week in Review: You, My Lord, Can Take the Blame


Probably time to get out of the office when one of your favorite rappers up and gets #uknowhowiknowuregay going as Twitter’s #1 trending topic. #thatshowiknowineedtogotothebeachorsomething. We’re gone till Tuesday, but in the meantime, please, by all means, utilize our Electric Zoo cheat sheet (and interview!), our profile of Brooklyn place of peace and whiskey the Sycamore, or the newly Bowery-presented Brooklyn Bowl. Or listen to this week’s YIMBY crop, which includes Jahdan Blakkamoore’s Smif-N-Wessun-featuring “The General (Remix)” and the sublime “Bio Hassle,” by Boogie Boarder, the video to which we premiered yesterday. Or go ahead and get sad re-reading what DJ AM’s friends had to say in the wake of his untimely passing. Or what the NYDN had to say in the wake of the unraveling of their Roxanne Shante story. Or comfort yourself with the sweet nostalgia of the Pet Shop Boys or Grizzly Bear or David Bazan or Michael Jackson or even Whitney Houston. Or you could just get the fuck out of town, like we’re (not) doing, right now. Much more down below. Back on Tuesday.