Yassky Comes on Strong, Makes Comptroller Race a 3-Way


A new poll shows the city comptroller race knotting up: where earlier this week Melinda Katz had grabbed the lead from John Liu, 27 percent to 21 percent, with David Yassky at 18 percent, SurveyUSA now shows Liu one point up, 25-24, and Yassky (pictured) coming up with 21 percent. Yee-haw, it’s a horse race! There are still 20 “Undecided” percentage points out there, which must come as a comfort to David Weprin, now at 10 percent.

To what may we attribute this turn of events?…

At a debate Wednesday night, Katz promised to cut her own salary as comptroller, which one would expect to excite citizens who are disgusted with public officials. Maybe folks were charmed by Liu’s suggestion that he and Weprin wrestle for the nomination — but then wouldn’t Katz benefit from the perception that this shows the “old boy’s network” in effect, at least among women voters?

Most likely, no one noticed any of this, and SurveyUSA just caught a slightly different sample of voters than last time. After all, Weprin has the most entertaining flyers and it hasn’t done him much good. Maybe New Yorkers are at present less interested in politics than we are. And we didn’t think that was possible!

SurveyUSA also shows Bill Thompson holding his lead in the Democratic race, and Mark Green still up on nearest contender Bill de Blasio, who gained four points despite, because of, or with no relation to the controversy over a campaign flyer featuring de Blasio’s non-caucasian wife.