Weekend Special: Pix From a New Jersey Fruit Stand by the Highway


Black globe plums bursting with juices were on dispaly in northern Jersey this weekend.

For those of you who decided to enjoy the city this weekend instead of fighting the holilday traffic, Fork in the Road here tries to reproduce the experience of stumbling upon a fruit and vegetable stand selling local produce on some obscure road. In this case, the pictures are of Marshall’s Country Store, on Highway 40 just north of the euphonious Munkachunk, New Jersey.

In this part of New Jersey, which is just south of the Delaware Water Gap, a farmstand pops up every two or three miles, and stone fruit like peaches and plums are in season, along with the first green apples and macs.

Spent sunflower heads are for sale, but what to do with them. Free the seeds, and then toast ’em or plant ’em.

We’re in the final weekends of the Jersey tomato season, and they don’t get any sweeter than this–heirlooms be damned.

Nectarines, white peaches, yellow peaches (left to right)