60 Is The New 59


I became overwhelmed with hope after reading in Next magazine that superstar DJ Junior Vasquez is now 60 years old! It’s inspiring that a sexagenarian can still spin from such a high perch!

Between Junior and some other names they mentioned who are the same age, I can now cling to the possibility that when I get there–far, far into future, mind you–I’ll still be as vital and fabulous as I always was.

And I’ve done a little research of my own and found the following other stars who have just turned 60 (or will do so by the end of the year). It’s a stellar bunch, none of whom are acting the least bit like old farts with a Depends account at Costco.

Pedro Alomodvar

Meryl Streep

Bill Nighy

Jessica Lange

Patti LuPone

Bruce Springsteen

And tons more!!

Pretty good, huh? Is 60 the new 59? Or is it just the navy blue of India?