Cadbury Holds Out for Better Offer; Beware the ‘Halal Mafia’


Anthony Bourdain took his culinary adventure show No Reservations on a tour of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx on Monday night’s episode with his friend Fat Dave, lead singer of the New York Dolls David Johansen, Chris Cheung of Monkey Bar, and Momofuko’s David Chang. [NY Daily News]

Frank Bruni is still making the media rounds. He wows a Time interviewer with this bit of shocking insight: “When I first started five years ago, everybody was doing some version of sushi… Right now everybody is doing fried chicken.” [Time]

McDonald’s has lost an eight-year trademark battle with Malaysian curry restaurant McCurry. Malaysia’s Federal Court said the fast-food giant failed to properly frame its questions in its appeal to the court. [Reuters]

The UK-based Cadbury, which has just rejected a $16.7 billion bid for purchase by Kraft Foods, could attract suitors like Nestle and Hershey, and sell for as much as $21 billion, according to experts. [Bloomberg]

New street food vendors say that when they stake a claim to a busy corner, they frequently get threatened by what they call the “Halal Mafia.” The unofficial gang will harass the newcomer, even calling 311 to lodge complaints. [NY Post]