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There are two types of people: Those who love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and those who are humorless, mouth-breathing jag-offs. Right? So if you’re the latter, well . . . see you at the health care–reform town halls. But if you dig FX’s happily debauched, hysterical comedy series, and all the un-p.c. topics they shrewdly skewer (abortion, terrorism, AIDS), here’s your chance to see them off the celluloid; for one unexpected evening, the full cast of the show (yep, including the Waitress and Danny DeVito) will perform their full-length musical The Nightman Cometh, based on the last season finale and featuring the fan-favorite opus “Dayman.” Afterward, they’ll screen new episodes from the upcoming fourth season. There’s no reason this shouldn’t happen, and every reason it must.

Wed., Sept. 16, 8 p.m., 2009

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