Down+the Melvins


Former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo, who has led the New Orleans sludge-metal supergroup Down since his alma mater’s heyday, remains an enigmatic, captivating, and, ahem, intriguing musical figures around. (Just check the YouTube of him speaking at Loyola University, where he compares love to a jack-o-lantern.) Of all his post-Pantera groups, he’s always sounded most at home with the band, which also features members of Crowbar, Eyehategod, and Corrosion of Conformity. Of course, this band wouldn’t quite be what it is were it not for down-tuning sludgy grunge icons—and tonight’s openers—the Melvins. With Weedeater and Evil Army.

Fri., Sept. 11, 6:30 p.m., 2009