Fucked Up to Play The Chemistry of Common Life In Full at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple


The last time Fucked Up played an event-type concert in New York, it was the band’s 12-hour stand at the Rogan Store, a terrible idea made awesome through the sheer force of good will behind it–within five minutes, the show was some unholy mix of the sweatiest ABC No Rio Saturday matinee ever and a kind of indie celebrity talent show, a vibe that only got more intense (and still more sweaty) over the next 11 hours and 55 minutes. Now, a year later, the band’s going for it again, playing the entirety of their ace 2008 album The Chemistry of Common Life live at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on November 5th. Guests are promised, among which the Vivian Girls will surely number, as the goal is to “fully recreate all the sounds on the album.” Should Jon Josef, Ezra Koenig, Moby, Tim Harrington, or any other refugees from the band’s last bonkers event performance choose to make repeat cameos as well, well, we would not object.

Fucked Up Live: Brooklyn Masonic Temple [Matablog]