New York



Destroyer’s Dan Bejar is an indie-rock cult hero—an art-folker hooting through audio chapbooks of fractured poetry with an adenoidal pirate-ship croon. But while his lyrical flights of fancy spiral everywhere from the heartbreaking to the inscrutable, his music remains solidly in the vein of Ye Olde Indie Rocke. The familiar, never-very-macho strum of Pavement and Guided by Voices are present even in the glam-kissed recent album Trouble in Dreams. The always-inspired curators of the Wordless Music series are breaking him from that shell, teaming him with fellow Vancouverite, sound artist, and ersatz Destroyer drummer Loscil. This “rare collaborative set” features songs from Bejar’s catalog melded with the expansive drones and gut-wrenching blisstronics of Loscil’s four records for Kranky. Opening up will be New York violin vivisectors JACK Quartet, who will be playing composer’s Jacob Cooper’s composition “Stabat Mater Dolorosa.”

Sat., Sept. 12, 8 p.m., 2009

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