Jeffrey Chodorow Set to Host a Monsterous Ball


Diner’s Journal reports that the prolific and horrific Jeffrey Chodorow will re-open Ono, his restaurant in the Gansevoort Hotel, as Tanuki Tavern, a “Japanese pub” featuring a menu of relatively inexpensive izakaya-themed small plates. The antagonistic restaurateur/convicted felon had initially planned to re-open the restaurant as a steakhouse, so perhaps it’s appropriate that the namesake of his newest establishment has similarly testosterone-fueled associations. As Grub Street pointed out, the tanuki, a distant relation to the canine family, is not only the patron saint of restaurants in Japan, but also in possession of some of the animal kingdom’s biggest testicles. Tanuki testes are said to symbolize financial luck, but where Chodorow’s concerned, symbolism is overrated: sometimes a giant nut really is just a giant nut.