News Roundup: Yo La Tengo Record Release Party, Jay-Z, Public Image Ltd


–Yo La Tengo’s excellent new Popular Songs comes out today, and by way of celebrating the band and album artist Dario Robleto will be at the D’amelio Terras Gallery tonight, signing copies of the record. There will a giveaways, including a chance to win tickets to the band’s surely triumphant stand at Roseland later this month.

–Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 also comes out today, after he and his label moved up the record release from the originally scheduled date of Friday, September 11th, which would’ve been the eight anniversary of the first Blueprint Ironically, that record also earned its iconic release date after it was moved up on the release calendar in order to combat bootlegging–likely, the same reason Jay is not waiting till Friday to release his already thoroughly leaked 11th studio album. Plus, as Rolling Stone points out, “the move also all but ensures Jay-Z the Number One spot on next week’s Top 200.” In other news, T-Pain has started an incredibly belated feud with Sean Carter, presumably because of “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)”, the same song T-Pain appeared to vigorously co-sign when Jay-Z played it at the BET Awards. Some dudes have short memories. Quote: “Fuck Jay-Z.” Also: “I think if anything is dead, it should be him.” Classy!

–And, weirdly, Public Image Ltd are reuniting, with a mostly arbitrary line-up drawn from a limp late-’80s incarnation of the band. Why bother, John Lydon? “The Sex Pistols were too rigid. PiL allowed me to express proper emotions. So I really wanted to get out and do it properly live again…For me, it’s an unfinished work which is set to continue for some time.” Anyone who still wants to hear Johnny Rotten express proper emotions, raise your hand now.