OMG Plot Deets from Sex and the City Sequel!


Guerrilla marketing for the sequel to the vaginormously successful Sex and the City film proceeds apace! After wringing sweet publicity from auditions for extras, the producers are leaking plot details to keep fans hot for the film, slated to debut this summer. These details are alleged to have been gleaned by super-magnifying a news photo of Kim Cattrall holding the pages of a script. Yes, we were surprised to learn they don’t make the words up as they go along, too.

First cat out of the bag: Samantha is going to experience menopause. “Looking at Kim (wow!), you would never think she is old enough to be going through her changes,” says Daily Blabber, “but, apparently, nature doesn’t know that she’s still a hottie.” Also, Jason Lewis, who played Samantha’s love interest Smith Jerrod in the first film, may be back for the second — there’s allegedly a line in the script that goes, “Smith Jerrod’s on the phone,” though by this time “Smith Jerrod” may just be street slang for any good-looking young dunce. Also, if you can stand it, there’s an assistant in the film named Meghan, a role obviously written specifically for Dame Judi Dench.

Oh and hey: “It is believed Carrie’s marriage to Mr Big will predictably run into trouble, including the mogul suffering into financial problems as a result of the current economic crisis.” Holy shit — they stole our treatment! And we only showed it on Runnin’ Scared, where we assumed no one would see it!