Staten Island 9/11 Memorial Defaced; Bronx 9/11 Memorial Restored


As long as we’re looking for 9/11 outrages, here’s a defaced memorial: Kathryn Cronin, 56, of York, Pennsylvania visited the “Postcards” tribute in Staten Island and started beating it with a metal pipe*. She defaced images of two or more 9/11 victims, and has been arrested on charges of third-degree criminal mischief. “The timing is certainly ironic,” says Richmond County D.A. Daniel Donovan. No word yet as to what motivated the attack.

On the other hand, Eddie Gonzalez’s tribute mural to firefighter Peter Bielfeld, painted on a wall near the late fireman’s home in the Bronx and defaced last year, was recently restored by John Cohen of Queens. The mural was reported fixed last summer, but apparently there was some work left to be done. NYPD’s 49th Precinct contributed the art materials.

*Update: Cronin’s lawyer says her client is homeless, and was sleeping in the park when police rousted her and charged her with the crime. She maintains her innoncence.