The Rapture


When the TimeLife Best Of The 00s infomercials begin (no doubt hosted by Cory Kennedy), remember that it’s okay to wax nostalgic over “House Of Jealous Lovers.” A dance floor rave-up that bordered on a religious experience, the Rapture ushered in the next wave of DFA jams and manic panic at a time when concertgoers were afraid of their own shadows. (There is a reason why no one longs for 2003.) Though post-Echoes, their particular brand of NY post-punk revivalism has long faded into obscurity (see 2003’s Yes New York comp for further detail), any contribution to the long-rebuked genre of electro-cowbell will be forever ours. (Insert equally dated Walken reference here.) With the Golden Filter.

Fri., Sept. 11, 8 p.m., 2009