Tom Tomorrow Rocks Pearl Jam Cover, Voice


For a while there wasn’t enough change in the sofa cushions for the Village Voice to pay cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, and he had to scrounge for work from his friends, like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Vedder just so happened to have a Pearl Jam album coming out and TT worked up a CD cover design. The album Backspacer releases September 20 with Tom Tomorrow’s art on the front. The Times talks to the artist (real name Dan Perkins — disregard the erroneous photo caption) and to Vedder, who says, “It used to be real simple. Dan writes a strip, it gets in the paper, people read it… It’s not that simple anymore.” But Tom Tomorrow, if not simplicity, has made sort of a comeback: as of last week his work again appears regularly in the Voice. It’s win-win!