Weird 9/11-Related Lede of the Week, So Far


The outrage over the World WIldlife Fund 9/11 ad (which WWF insists it did not authorize) has more or less died down, and here comes a Moscow Times 9/11 ad to pick up the slack. Like everything else these days, it appears the anniversary of the infamous terror attacks will be contentious. Allow us to do our part: we just got an email from the local events site Flavorpill, which begins thus:

If there’s one thing 9/11 taught me, as a very new New Yorker at the time, it’s that this city and its people will always rally. We will always come together for a greater good, and for one another. New Yorkers, perpetually gruff? Fuggedaboutit. It’s in a similar spirit that the local Twestival convenes this Saturday.

Twestival is a Twitter-related nerdathalon, the New York edition of which kicks off this week and includes a “Celebrity Bowling Tournament” in Williamsburg with Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld of MTV’s CollegeHumor Show. The event will raise funds for CampInteractive — sort of a Fresh Air Fund with computers — but uh, 9/11? We usually reserve use of that for much bigger deals, and all stories about Rudolph Giuliani.