West Indian American Day Carnival Parade in Brooklyn


Photos (c) Michael Webster.

The West Indian American Day Carnival Parade went off yesterday with the usual huge crowds and spectacular costumes, floats and sound trucks. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell served as Grand Mashal, but the big political news (many local pols make a campaign event of the parade) was Governor Paterson marching close by Bill Thompson, Transit Workers Union president Roger Toussaint, and a lurid anti-Bloomberg poster, though the Governor has yet to make a formal Mayoral endorsement. A couple of men were shot dead early yesterday morning at a barbecue near the route, but the parade itself seems to have been unmarred by serious incident, as was the related Children’s Day Parade the day before (below). Brooklyn Born has plenty clips and a slideshow, and Va$htie visually chronicles both the parade sidewalk scenes (“this angry kid pushed his way through the crowd and i swear he mumbled ‘i can’t stand these effing west indian fools’. i was like, ‘yo, chill B’ and he was like ‘hush gal, me nuh know you!'”) and some joyous party action.

Update: The Voice‘s own slideshow has gone up, rendering all other visual records superfluous.