19 Buildings Go Pink & White for Breast Cancer Events


If you’re like most of our readers, you came to this post by accident. But it’s a serendipitous accident if you stroll the streets of our fair city at night, because the tireless publicists of the Empire State Building inform us that tonight the skyscraper will glow pink and white in honor of the week-long City in Pink breast cancer awareness event, culminating in the Komen New York City Race for the Cure on Sunday. Also, 18 other properties will similarly light up, including the Citigroup Center, Coney Island’s Cyclone, the Lincoln Center Fountain, the Time Warner Center, and 21. The Komen in question is Susan G. Komen, recent Medal of Freedom recipient and longtime breast cancer activist.

Oh, and a head’s-up for Thursday, when the Empire State, the Time Warner Center and others will Go Orange to honor the Food Bank for New York City.