Anti-Gay Marriage California Legislator: Thrilled That He’s Dripping Out Of His Lobbyist Mistress (UPDATED: Duvall Resigns)


Websites here in New York this morning are jumping on the story out of California about the conservative state Assemblyman from Orange County, Michael Duvall, who discussed lurid details of multiple sexual affairs in the state Assembly chamber without realizing that he was talking into a hot mic.

Naturally, our sister publication from Duvall’s home county, OC Weekly, is all over the story with background and details you won’t get anywhere else. Just go! You won’t be sorry!

Update: OC Weekly reports that Duvall is getting kicked off key committees by his fellow Republicans, a sign that much more is yet to come….

Update 2: Duvall has resigned. “I am deeply saddened that my inappropriate comments have become a major distraction for my colleagues in the Assembly,” etc, he says at his campaign web site.