Crooked Building Inspectors Mean 100s of Re-Inspections, Says City


Now that six building inspectors have been caught stealing and dealing at construction sites, the hundreds of buildings they inspected will have to be reinspected, Department of Buildings officials say. That can’t be cheap. And what’ll the DOB re-inspectors say when landlords show them a receipt for their bribes? Or claim they’ve become dependent on the drugs the crooked inspectors sold them, and sue for damages?

The men’s crimes were discovered via an unrelated government wiretap on mob figures, says the Post, leading to a separate investigation to gather relevant and legal evidence. Two of the crooked inspectors are reported tied to the Lucchese crime family. All six malefactors have resigned, the Mayor says.

Oddly, the city only last week announced plans to track building inspectors by GPS; maybe they should be under video surveillance as well.