New York Bans Use of “Oriental” in Official Documents


Governor Paterson today signed into law a bill banning use of the word “oriental” in reference to persons of Asian or Pacific Islander descent in government documents. It was sponsored by Grace Meng in the assembly and Craig Johnson in the state senate. Paterson said the word “has deep and demeaning historical roots” and he is pleased to “remove the phrase from preprinted forms and documents.”

Haven’t seen any dudgeon about this yet, so we’ll get it rolling: Are we supposed to call this thing on the floor an Asian-American rug now? Rent Murder on the Asia-America Express? And what’s Paterson going to do about this? (Oh, it’s okay when they say it, huh?) And say goodbye to your government-sponsored trips to the Sailing Capital of North Carolina, PC wimps! Gripe, mutter, swear.

Plus: Paterson signed a law requiring voter materials be translated into Russian. Russian, people! We smell ObamaStalin!