News Roundup: Knitting Factory Opens, Jay-Z Calls Out Scalpers, Glasvegas Dude Found in NYC, Snoop Dogg Finds New Job In Tough Job Market


–The Knitting Factory is back. After getting chased out of Tribeca last year, the venue has rebounded, and will open up again at their new location in Williamsburg at Metropolitan and Havemayer (a/k/a the old Luna Lounge) for the first time tonight. Les Savy Fav, the comedian Hannibal Buress, and “special guests” will kick things off this evening, and Boss Hog go tomorrow. After that, and a Helado Negro show next week, things look a bit light, but we’re sure by the time CMJ rolls around, the venue will be up and running at full speed.

–Unsurprisingly, people are scalping the fuck out of the $54.50 tickets to Jay-Z’s Friday Answer the Call show at Madison Square Garden. The Daily News found tickets available for as much as $45,000, which Kanye might want to look into, as Mr. West has had his Jay-Z ticketing difficulties before. Otherwise, expect to pay black market prices somewhere in the neighborhood of $200-$3000. It’s not like the proceeds from this show were designed to go to charity or anything. “We are truly disheartened that certain individuals would choose to benefit from what is meant to be a 100% charitable event,” Jay-Z said in a statement. “We do not support any profits made from reselling any ticket that was meant to be purchased by honest fans.”

–That alarming story about the singer from Glasvegas going missing appears to have been resolved. He is, in fact, among us. “James is not missing, he’s in New York,” Glasvegas manager Dean Cunnin told the Independent. “He got in touch with me yesterday at about 1.45pm to tell me he was OK because he knew people were worried, but to be honest I’ve been just as much in the dark about this as anybody — the last time I saw James was at the gig in Cardiff [supporting U2 at the Millennium Stadium on August 22]. I don’t even know exactly when he went missing.” OK!

EMI Music has named Snoop Dogg the creative chairman of its Priority Records division, the once mighty rap label that was home to N.W.A. and Ice Cube. Snoop will be responsible for “the legacy of Priority and will drive efforts to maximize untapped digital and branding opportunities at the label,” which are clearly things he knows how to do. His first big release? His own Malice N Wonderland, due in December.