Shang on Shameless Restaurants


Everything you read on Shameless Restaurants, a website and forum for restaurant employees, should be taken with a grain of salt–it’s all anonymous, so anyone can say anything. But today we found a sad, legit-sounding (if only for lack of typos) report about Shang. A server complains:

For 3 weeks in a row, the restaurant has given numerous excuses as to why their paychecks are either late, or not showing up at all. These checks include nearly all of the server’s tips for the week.

If it’s true, could it mean that Shang is in trouble? It’s a big, expensive, hotel restaurant that got mixed reviews, so we wouldn’t be surprised. Although we’re not the biggest fans of the place, it is one of a kind, and it would be too bad to see Susur Lee’s foray to New York City end so swiftly.