Trend Alert: Pretending You Don’t Notice A Friend


This happens all the time–especially to me! You’re bopping along the street and you spot someone you’ve known for years coming your way. You prepare for a quick, pleasant chat before going on to your engagement. But they look down and pretend they don’t see you! On even more extreme occasions, they suddenly act like they’re all caught up on the phone. Or worst of all, they make a beeline across the street to avoid you!

God, imagine if you DIDN’T like each other!

Why do people play this weird game in an otherwise agreeable town like New York? Wait, don’t walk away. I have some possible answers:

*Sometimes they don’t want to be seen in daylight without the right makeup.

*Or they’re afraid you’ll derail them into a longer conversation than they want.

*Or they feel, “I just saw him last week. He’ll be around. I don’t need to waste my time with this.”

*Or maybe they think, “He’s going to avoid me, so let me do it first.”

But the biggest reason of all, I think–let’s go to the board–is that they don’t want to be caught being unfabulous. It’s not just the no-makeup thing, it’s the fact that they’re out in the street with the masses and want to be as invisible as they feel at that moment.

Whatever the case, let’s all drop the charade and say hello, for Chrissake. Unless I don’t feel like it!