Your Favorite Streisand Movie?


La Streisand is coming to the Village Vanguard on the 26th, and a whole bunch of people–people who need people–will be there, wetting themselves with feverish excitement. In preparation for her eminence’s descent onto our humble domain, I’ve been thinking about her filmography and trying to mentally dance through the embarrassment of bitches in order to pick my favorite Barbra movie experience of all.

And I came up with… her first one! Funny Girl, from 1968! The adaptation of Babs’ Broadway triumph is just such a dazzling showcase, centered by a performance that’s radiantly brash, sexy, vulnerable, and loud. Supposedly Babs told director William Wyler what to do a lot, but she was right. The result pops off the screen like an un-surgerized nose!

But that’s not to say I didn’t also love her in Funny Lady, What’s Up Doc?, The Way We Were, Meet The Fockers, and a whole bunch of other titles.

So what about you? Yeah, you! Hello, gorgeous! Pick your favorite! And then pick your nose!