Aborn Winning Race for Most Interesting Endorsements


He may not have a serious chance of winning, but, as the heated Manhattan District Attorney’s race charges to a close, we’ve got to hand it to candidate Richard Aborn for racking up some interesting endorsements throughout the campaign. Today, in what he’s billing as a closing argument, Aborn will invite Mike Steinberg, the postal worker who was the victim of a violent assault, to stand by his side at the steps of City Hall.

In 2006, as 64-year-old Steinberg was working in the 2/3 subway station on 110th and broadway, an ex-convict stole two chainsaws off a work table in early morning hours and attacked him, slicing his ribcage and puncturing a lung…

A few months ago, Aborn sat down with the parents of Sean Bell — the unarmed Queens man who was shot by a police officer on his wedding night. He spoke to them about his record, and the couple gave him their public endorsement.

Though he has some experience as a prosecutor (it’s scant compared to the experience of his opponent Cy Vance, a career attorney under Morgenthau, or even to that of Leslie Crocker Snyder, a longtime judge), the highlight of Aborn’s career has been his background as a gun control advocate. This particular endorsement has nothing to do with his expertise in guns, or even with his platform that too many black men get locked up unfairly. But apparently, standing beside the victim of a ghastly crime gets you attention. If anyone has a personal stake in lowering the crime rate, it’s someone like Steinberg.

The primary is on Tuesday, September 15.