I’m On The Cover of Paper!


Well, a mock cover made up at the party Paper had for their 25th anniversary the other night (along with HP and their fabulous ink cartridges).

First of all, let me say what an amazing job the mag’s Kim Hastreiter, David Hershkovits, Mickey Boardman, and Drew Elliott did in pulling together a beautiful people-filled gala at the New York Public Library that was true to the spirit of the long running style magazine, down to the entertainment, the bartenders, and the cake a la mode. (I’ll have more in the column.)

And it was also fun getting to pose with pals for the cover–so here I am with cultural historian Brian Cummings and publicist Meryl Van Meter, doing sultry, too-cool looks on my instruction. (“Don’t smile!” I ordered. “Look really bored!”) We come off a little bit like the ’80s group Shalimar crossed with a still from an indie film about a dysfunctional family, and that’s just what I was going for.

Now to get on a REAL cover.