Local Papers’ Rhythmic Gymnastics Slideshows a Bit of a Stretch


We realize the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships are in session, but we also realize that the sport is not popular in the U.S. except as a source of derision. Nonetheless both the Daily News and the Staten Island Advance have photo features on it. In the slot where the News normally runs stories like “Abs-olutely Hot! Stomachs of the Stars,” they offer 21 slides in which you can “check out the ladies in action.” “HOW DO THEY DO THEY BEND LIKE THAT?” asks the Advance, marveling at the “extraordinary suppleness” of “lissome Filipa Simeonova of Bulgaria.” Call us cynical, but we suspect the intended come-on is not the human drama of athletic competition. We’ll stick with our old-fashioned celebrity nudes, thank you very much.

(We notice the Advance has removed at least one entry — “chubb” — from their comment box. Advance commenters are always a treat.)