Pay Homage to the King of Pop at the Church of Michael Jackson


Not sure what the “life and teachings of Michael Jackson” were, exactly, but the Cult of Michael Jackson–a shadowy organization whose first commandment is “You shall have no other pop Gods or Kings before MJ”–promises to reveal them at a chapel they’re opening in Williamsburg. The artist Rusel Parish has drawn appropriately ecclesiastical renderings of Jackson for worship; as for the rest of it, well, the thing opens tomorrow at 6 p.m. at Figureworks, at 168 North 6th Street, and you can go find out for yourself. Catching a faint whiff of naked exploitation? Ahem: “Originally planned around Jackson’s concerts, the group has decided that it will move forward with plans that have been in the works since early 2008. In light of recent tragic events, the chapel will be a place for fans to gather, pay their respects, and worship the artistry of Michael Jackson.” So there you have it. Also, “You shall not stop until you get enough.” [h/t Free Williamsburg]