What’s Your Fave Fashion Film Evah?


This has been an amazing year for fashion documentaries, with Valentino and The September Issue pulling in scads of fashionistas spending the $12 they really owe on their most recent pair of Gucci loafers.

As we dive hat first into the insanity of Fashion Week, do tell me: Are either of those frou-frou chronicles your favorite fashion film of all time?

Or is it The Devil Wears Prada–which some bitches say is way closer to the truth than The September Issue

Funny Face. The movie that urged us to “Think pink!” even before it was the navy blue of India.

Lipstick, with Margaux Hemingway highly convincing as a model, if not necessarily as an actress

Or Mahogany, with Diana Ross giving up kabuki makeup, flowing getups, and bad dialogue to be with her man?