Beer Happy at Bia Garden


On a recent visit to the freshly opened Bia Garden on the Lower East Side, Fork in the Road was told by the hostess that the delivery menu neatly printed on a blackboard overheard was, in fact, “totally fake… we don’t have delivery yet.”

Luckily, the cool (both temperature- and concept-wise) walk-through beer fridge that patrons must traverse to get to the garden more than made up for it. And, while on the gimmicky side, the way the beer is delivered is also pretty cool. The all-Asian selection comes in a bucket on ice (even though you only pay for what you drink). Unfortunately, ordering by the half dozen discourages diners from sampling more than one beer from the list, which includes offerings from Singapore, China, Vietnam, and India. But, on the other hand, it does encourage the drinking of six beers in one sitting. Now, stay tuned for the full review.