Cheek, in Review: 7 Days of Runnin’ Scared


Dancers from InSpirit beckon passers-by to enter a new store on Broadway near 13th Street.

Labor Day, with its West Indian American Day Parade, was the high point of the week. The low point was, let’s see… the rest of it.

9/11 was a popular topic. It was oddly related to a Twitter Festival and inspired a musical in California. Somebody defaced the memorial in Staten Island. Graham Rayman didn’t like what he saw at the 9/11 Museum preview. Of course, before 9/11 there was 9/9/09.

President Obama did his health-care thing. Joe Wilson wasn’t the only one who bellowed.

Mayor Boomberg got a break — The Naked Cowboy dropped out of the mayor’s race. Bloomberg met with Dutch royalty and appointed a controversial city jails commissioner from the land of Arpaio.

Governor Paterson wished he could have those Wall Street bonuses back. He also pandered to the Orien — oops, the Asian-Americans, and to the Russians. Ed Cox continued on his way to the state GOP chairmanship.

Rightbloggers got the scalp of Van Jones, but tirelessly kept on covering President Obama‘s speech to schoolchildren — which was not only Hitler, but socialist via J.K. Rowling. On 9/11 they told us who the real enemy was. And congratulations Sarah Palin on your promotion from Facebook to the Wall Street Journal!

Walter Cronkite was memorialized.

Someone Got Murdered: at 199th Street and Nashville Boulevard in Queens, 22 Stone Avenue, 2189 Pitkin Avenue, and 342 Ridgewood Avenue in Brooklyn, and 1695 Walton Avenue in The Bronx.

A very special weekend Crap: Male Animal magazine!

Primary Culler saw incumbents Alan Gerson and Maria Baez under siege, Rosie Mendez and Christine Quinn holding firm, Debi Rose duking it out with Ken Mitchell, and Bill de Blasio poised to force a runoff with Mark Green. Wayne Barrett looked at Leslie Crocker Snyder‘s unsavory donors, and Tom Robbins saw Melinda Katz give the Judas Kiss to Alan Hevesi.

Things just kept getting worse for the Mets. But cheer up, fans — the NFL marketing season is underway! Allan Barra took a hard look at the Jets. Runner Caster Semenya was declared a man and a woman.

Josh Olson would not read your fucking script. Neither will David Gerrold.

Tom Tomorrow scored a Pearl Jam cover. Ahmadinejad got a room — which some people wanted to take away from him. Another rapist trawling nightclubs was found guilty; a serial rapist remained on the loose in Hamilton Heights. Atlantic Yards tried, tried again — but a lot of people were unmoved, including the Independent Budget Office. Ed Koch said “Fuck You!” Stuyvesant Town tried to hold onto its jacked-up rents.

Sonia Sotomayor did karaoke. The Nicholas Roerich Museum got its paintings back! Tavern on the Green went bankrupt. A reporter got fed up. Pamela Anderson scored a miss with her PETA ad.

Thank God for celebrity nudes! Enjoy the weekend.