Naked Chef in America’s Fattest City; Heston Blumenthal Serves Shite


Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, Jessica Seinfeld, has won her plagiarism case against author Missy Chase Lapine, who claimed that Deceptively Delicious was a ripoff of her book, The Sneaky Chef.
[NY Daily News]

The Greenwich Village restaurant Commerce has stopped accepting cash and will only accept credit and debit cards as payment methods from now on. Diners can still tip in cash. Says co-owner Tony Zazula: “If you don’t have a checking account, you probably shouldn’t be eating at Commerce to begin with.”
[Wall Street Journal]

A food poisoning outbreak at British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal’s flagship restaurant, Fat Duck, made more than 500 diners sick. It was probably caused by raw shellfish being contaminated by human sewage, according to an official report.

Jamie Oliver recently visited Huntington, West Virginia, which has been named the “most obese city in the U.S.” He announced to the town that he and his crew would be staying two or three months in order to familiarize themselves with local eating habits.
[Huntington News via Cold Mud]