Posts of the Week


It’s a dreary Friday afternoon, which means it’s time to liven things up a bit with a rundown of this week’s greatest hits:

Our 10 Best Thai Restaurants: Take that, L.A.!

Ice cream vendors talked about their plans for the winter.

In a shocking Battle of the Dishes upset, Babycakes’ doughnuts prevailed over their non-gluten-free, non-vegan counterparts at the Doughnut Plant.

Kevin Pomplun talked about Picnick, Smoked’s plans to remain in the Financial District all year long.

Eben Freeman is leaving Tailor and, apparently, America.

Fork in the Road observed National Mushroom Month.

On Top Chef, both Hector and Jesse were sent home for doing bad things to snails and beef.

Incredibly Cheap Eats enjoyed a heaping helping of jerk chicken at the Spice Is Right in Crown Heights.

Quenepas: the chewing tobacco of the fruit world or sweet Latin American delicacy?

Island of Taiwan’s Pig Intestine in Fire Casserole was the subject of this week’s Organ Recital.

Our Man Sietsema visited the newly opened Stumptown and found the $2.80 macchiato “amost worth it.”

Mixologist and Aviation Gin co-creator Ryan Magarian talked about his guest-bartending stint at the Pegu Club.

Missy Robbins geared up for the opening of A Voce Columbus.

Ryan Skeen shared his recipe for Salt and Pepper Pigs’ Tails.

The Early Word discovered that Park Slope’s Provini is an excellent destination for Italian craft beer.