Rightbloggers Remember 9/11 With Attacks on Obama, Other Terrorists


As we observe another 9/11 anniversary, rightbloggers identify the real villains of the day: President Obama, and various others of their fellow citizens.

Many continue their assault on the national day of service and remembrance the President called for September 11, despite the involvement of Gary Sinise. “This is not a day for fighting climate change or changing light bulbs or hugging trees or cheerleading expansions of government national service programs,” says Michelle Malkin. She observes the occasion instead with a link to a picture of a man falling out of the World Trade Center.

“Obama (or Lucifer as I prefer to call the dems ‘Messiah’) is now wanting to have a civilian based military group,” says Lord What Fools These Mortals Be. “As part of his youth Hitler like indoctrination he now wants to use the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts. The ploy is for Homeland Security to train them and in return they get a patch! If we have a disaster, that’s who you want to show up isn’t it?”

“Don’t Let 9/11 Become Just Another Earth Day,” says the Heritage Foundation.

“Among Obama’s other scandals, he wanted to turn the 9/11 remembrance into a green energy holiday,” says Conservative American. CA then reaches for an unfortunate metaphor: “Obama wants to knock down the buildings of the greatest health care system on earth.”

Some are enraged that Obama referred to the events of September 11 as a tragedy. “Obama rewrites history and call 9/11 a tragedy,” says Truth and Common Sense. “Moral relativism is the tool the left uses to avoid the angst of deciding right or wrong. It is a weakness in their minds and their souls. And they are in charge. Shame on us for letting that happen.” “Calling it a ‘tragedy’ is a gross disservice to both the victims of 9/11 and those who have sacrificed everything in the effort to make sure a similar ‘tragedy’ doesn’t happen again,” says Doug Powers. The President’s remarks “stink of craven cowardice,” suggests The Sundries Shack.

Examining Obama’s previous writings on the subject, Bah Humbug declares, “What we see here is the usual leftist mentailty: They attacked us because they are poor.” “Ponder the fact,” agrees RedState, “that it is just this kind of leftist ‘thinking’ that is driving the Marxist/fascist policies emanating from the White House today.” “Obama is offended because we blew smoke in the terrorists face and dipped them in water,” says Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom.

Some also find Obama’s choice to observe the day in Washington objectionable. “It is a amazing, when he wanted to go to a play with his wife in New York, that wasn’t a problem,” says Usually Politics. “He should be at all three sites today, the logistics are possible.”

Obama says, “We must apprehend all those who perpetrated these heinous crimes, seek justice for those who were killed, and defend against all threats to our national security”; National Review‘s Andy McCarthy reacts, “No, Mr. President, these are acts of war… It emboldens our enemies to know that we won’t defend ourselves vigorously. How shameful to pick today of all days to display for all to see — including our enemies — that we’ve forgotten that lesson.”

“I did not want to make this a day of politics,” says Wanda Fay Gladwill, “but I cannot leave the memory of 9-11 in the hands of Democrats who are pulling the wool over America’s eyes in every way heading us toward a more socialistic country.” “Democrats fear 9-11 because they feel it gives strength to conservatives,” claims The RightRant.

“The Obama administration and its allies in the activist left have decided to transmogrify Sept. 11 into a celebration of recycling, solar panels and radical community organizing called Green the Block,” says Matthew Vadum at the Washington Times. New York Post columnist Ralph Peters tells Bill O’Reilly that “Eight years after 9/11, we have a president who doesn’t think it was any big deal.” George Pataki says, “Obama administration considers the war on terror Bush’s war. It is America’s war.”

Excuse us — those aren’t rightbloggers, those are credentialed conservative journalists, and a Republican former Governor. But these days it’s getting hard to tell the difference.