Why Taylor Swift Ain’t a Mess


AOL’s Popeater blog just asked me for quotes about why that pretty little Taylor Swift hasn’t fallen into the “hot mess” trap that some other young stars, a la Lindsay/Britney/Xtina/Miley, have flirted with.

My stunning reply:

“Unlike so many young stars who’ve turned into walking train wrecks, Taylor didn’t suffer the disadvantage of having attention-seeking parents managing her career by force, thereby twisting her values and making her a pawn of their own aspirations. That’s why she’s avoided the Britney/Lindsay pit. She’s simply a talented person who rose to the top without stage parents battling each other for control of her in between pitching their own reality shows.

The only down side of this is that while all the messy stars can get tons of tabloid press even when they have no careers, Taylor will actually have to keep doing something.”

You have to admit, I know how to analyze what turns a young performer into a tartlet or a star! In fact, though I vaguely recall studying English Literature at an Ivy League university, this is actually my top field of expertise.