Fashion Week in Review: Voice Editors gChat Fashion’s Night Out


Voice Editors Stacey Anderson, Angela Ashman, Eudie Pak, and Araceli Cruz combed the streets for Fashion’s Night Out from Fifth Avenue to Soho, in search of good deals and free drinks. Araceli and Stacey wrap-up the evening in their usual gChat banter:

AC: How many glasses of champagne did you have at Barney’s?

SA: Three.

AC: Me too. I was toast by the time Alexander Wang arrived.

SA: Barney’s had one of the most interesting ambiances we saw during FNO. They put little flourishes on each floor — the Alexander Wang runway demonstration, the Coco Rocha flipbook photo studio where I jumped around like a banshee.

AC: I felt kind of guilty that Angela was schmoozing with designer Maria Cornejo while I just kept downing the drink. Why do I do these things!?

SA: Because you understand the world of fashion far better than Angela and I can hope to: It’s about drinking…

AC: It was awesome to see these designers in the department stores among their clothes, but no one was buying a thing.

SA: And how studiously everyone was trying to ignore them.

AC: Or maybe they didn’t know who they were.

SA: Yes, we only saw actual retailing happening at Opening Ceremony in Soho.

AC: Yeah, that was insane — huge shopping party there. The entire night Angela and I were commenting on how it felt like trick or treating on Halloween.

SA: If the tricks were long lines and the treats were champagne. Do you think the evening achieved what Tsarina Wintour wanted: A boost in sales for the retail industry?

AC: Well, seeing the masses at the Nike store (even though they were just there for the Kid Cudi listening party) and at Rachel Roy (which was a total bust), I’d say it was pretty successful. I am sure their accountants are going through the figures as we speak (faxing them over to Wintour’s offices). We’ll have to wait and see.

Alexander Wang at Barney’s

SA: I got the impression that Fifth Avenue’s endeavors were preaching to the choir; no one was in Barney’s who was not already familiar with that store, and probably dropping some coin there anyway.

AC: Not true. I was a Barney’s virgin until last night.

SA: Plebian! It was my second time! OK, nebbish reporters notwithstanding, I stick to my point.

AC: The Soho experience was a ton more party atmosphere… no champy here, just beer.

SA: Soho was more of a hipster madhouse but people seemed more eager to buy, maybe just because clothes were a bit cheaper there. I saw a lot of downtown-ish types hoisting Topshop bags; I bet they did well in sales. So perhaps FNO was a shot in the arm for the trendier boutiques.

AC: FNO seemed more like a celebration to kick off Fashion Week and not so much a shopping night at all…

SA: What was the most interesting thing you saw?

AC: Young girls freaking each other at the makeshift runway at Barney’s and Wang egging them on, but they looked like they were having fun. Future whores in the making. I loved it. You?

SA: I enjoyed the literal trunk shows out of parked cars in front of Opening Ceremony, where Rodarte was selling packs of pencils for $35. I spent the entire evening searching in vain for food — of course there was no food anywhere, it was a fashion event.

Angela told me to compile my dinner, which was:

  • 1 pulled pork sandwich the size of a quarter
  • a tenth of a sno-cone
  • 3 glasses of champagne
  • 1 beer
  • 1 thai tea and mango Momofuku bakery cookie


  • Massive burrito from Pinche Taqueria
  • three glasses of champagne
  • 4 Ultra Lights
  • 1 Beer
  • 2 Mixed drinks
  • 1 candy cig
  • some of your snow cone

That’s it. So basically no shopping just drinking. Drink’s Night Out !!!

Bergdorf’s was insane. Kinda upset we didn’t get in.

SA: A lot of what we saw outside Bergorf was rubbernecking to see celebrities. So if last season’s Fashion Week was all about muted styles and modesty, from the long hemlines to the dearth of designer after-parties, perhaps Fashion’s Night Out suggests a desire to return to lightheartedness.

AC: if you mean walking around 5th Avenue in a drunken stupor, then YES!

SA: I meant in general, not for your liver.

AC: The sense last night was more of a celebration mode, like a big fuck-you to the recession, yet cautious and still not spending a dime.

SA: So the excess of the fashion industry without the consumption? Representation without taxation!. So we’re still fucked.

AC: Basically, just don’t O.D. yet!

SA: Happy Fashion Week, Cruz.

AC: Same to you!!!