Among Those Who Probably Won’t be Sipping Stumptown…


…Are the longterm residents of the Breslin Hotel. Now that the former SRO has been resurrected as the Ace Hotel, they’re apparently being discouraged from entering through the lobby. According to Chelsea Now, the holdover tenants have been told to use a separate entrance:

“…Ace manager Jan Rozenveld explained that tenants have indeed been asked to stay out of the main lobby.

we’ve been saying is that if you don’t consume anything in the lobby,”
like a drink from the bar or a cup of coffee from Stumptown, “we ask
you to not be in the lobby,” he said. Rozenveld added, though, that
“relations with tenants have really improved over the last couple
months. We want to make them part of our guests, just like everybody else.” ”

Unless, of course, they decide to use the main entrance, just like everybody else.