Bankrupt Lenny Dykstra Selling His World Series Ring


Lenny Dykstra’s year just keeps getting worse. The ’86 Mets star went from car wash king and publishing mogul to bankrupt, and his wife divorced him. Now Nails is reported to be shopping his World Series ring, as well as various game balls and other memorabilia from his glory days. Dykstra has a $5,700 a month pension from MLB, but apparently that isn’t enough to keep him in Twizzlers and ashtray money. We all know what comes next: Dykstra holding his cap out on street corners, sobbing, “I usedta be Lenny Dykstra!” Then he wins the love of a good-hearted woman who puts him back on his feet. Let’s hope, anyway. Somewhere Darryl Strawberry is slowly shaking his head and thinking, “There but for the grace of God.”