Barrett: Snyder’s Justification for a Gun Permit Needs Updating


In Sunday’s WABC-TV debate, Leslie Crocker Snyder, one of three candidates running in tomorrow’s Democratic primary for Manhattan District Attorney, acknowledged that she had a gun permit, but maintained that she keeps the gun “in a vault” in her Manhattan apartment. She explained that she got the permit years ago when her life was threatened due to the volatile criminal cases she heard as a Manhattan Supreme Court Judge.

But a spokesman for the NYPD tells the Voice today that Snyder renewed the license this year, five years after she stepped down from the bench. Snyder has a “carry permit,” not a “premises permit,” which means that she is legally allowed to carry it on the street. Of course, if she left it in her apartment all the time, a premises permit would suffice. Carry permits are much harder to get from the department and usually require current threats or evidence of some ongoing need for the weapon.

The police department spokesman explained that the permits have to be renewed every three years, meaning that Snyder has renewed hers twice since she resigned from the bench, including the year after her race against Robert Morgenthau in 2005.

Reached by the Voice, the Snyder campaign declined to comment.