Giuliani to Abandon Governor Run, Switch to Senate, Say Usual Unnamed Sources


Sometimes we’d swear the Republicans are just fucking with us. First they terrorized us all with the notion that Rudolph Giuliani would run for Governor, and to that end was bent on installing his own puppet state GOP chairman. Now it looks like the puppet’s strings have been cut and Ed Cox will run the state party. And the new story is that Giuliani will run not for governor, but for senator.

“I am picking up no support for Rudy for governor, but I’m hearing his name mentioned for US Senate,” the Post’s Fred Dicker is told by “one of the state’s most influential elected Republicans, a Cox supporter.” “GOP Touts Giuliani for Senate in 2010,” says rightwing message aggregator Newsmax. Don’t bother looking for named sources…

Fresh as the crypto-announcement is, Giuliani’s presumed opponent, Kirsten Gillibrand — no doubt accurately reading the temper of the electorate — has used it to motivate a fundraising drive (“Now they are prepared to run one of the biggest attack dogs in the Republican Party against Kirsten”). This is wise; we expect Gillibrand supporters would mortgage their homes to keep this menace at bay.

Meanwhile Rick Lazio, who made some noises about this before, has put himself forward for the gubernatorial nomination Giuliani has allegedly disdained.

Democrats have been tearing their hair out over the prospect of having to run David Paterson in 2011, but maybe they can take courage from the fact that their only serious competition is Republicans.