Kanye West Ruins Everything at MTV Awards


Fond as we are of his music, Kanye West is such an egomaniac that we are unsurprised to learn he interrupted Taylor Swift’s Best Female Video award at the stupid MTV Awards last night, grabbing the mic and explaining to the nonplussed honoree and audience that Swift’s fellow nominee Beyonce “had one of the best videos of all time.” Thereafter the crowd booed his ass every chance it got. We find Swift ridiculous and still cannot endorse this gesture, as it seems inspired less by genuine concern that the multi-platinum artist Beyonce was not getting enough respect than by a nagging feeling that someone somewhere did not know how Kanye West felt about some award. The Times says West apologized on his blog, though we could not find his apology amid the tumblriffic mess. Sound of the City commentators, who actually witnessed this, feel somewhat differently (“People are super sensitive, and dumb”). You may read Michael Musto’s pre-event defense of Swift here.