Which Celebrities Had The Most Macabre Deaths?


There’s a new book that’s to die for! It’s Morbid Curiosity: The Disturbing Demises of The Famous and Infamous by Alan W. Petrucelli, and it’s a Hollywood Babylon-style rundown of the best (as in worst) star deaths–how they croaked, what they last ate, what they last said, and who smoked their ashes.

Among the saddest anecdotes:

Playboy model Dorothy Stratten was killed by her psycho boyfriend Paul Snider, who proceeded to fuck her corpse for 30 minutes before offing himself! Even Chris Brown wouldn’t do that.

Rex Harrison found his girlfriend, actress Carole Landis, passed out on the floor of the bathroom, but he went out without calling for help because he sort of felt a pulse. When he came back, her suicide attempt had succeeded, though her mom always alleged that it wasn’t suicide.

Susan Cabot (star of the immortal Wasp Woman) was killed by her “dwarf son” with the help of a dumbbell. That makes two dumbbells.

And Albert Dekker (Dr. Cyclops) was found not only dead, “he was naked, kneeling in the bathtub, a noose tightly wrapped around his neck,” with handcuffs, a blindfold, a gag, needles in his arms, and a vagina drawn on his stomach. Even David Carradine couldn’t top that–though he gave it the old college try.