Bea Arthur’s Big, Brash Memorial


The late Bea Arthur loved to eat hard boiled eggs with tabasco sauce, according to her Maude daughter Adrienne Barbeau at Bea’s gala memorial yesterday. And that’s absolutely perfect since Bea was a hard boiled egg with tabasco sauce!

But as we learned at the Majestic Theater event, the Golden Girl was also a warm, loving person who was the height of professionalism and graciousness. In fact, she cared so much about animals that she once “rescued” a dog that turned out to be neighbor Barbra Streisand‘s! And she once signed a whole stack of head shots to charity with the inscription, “Don’t Worry Bea Arthur.” Better yet, she was also a lusty broad who, when the name Alec Baldwin came up once in conversation, remarked, “God, I’d like to fuck him!”

The memorial started with Angela Lansbury singing “The Man in the Moon” from Mame, a very high place to begin at.

Everyone else who came out and spoke–from Norman Lear to Stiller and Meara to Miss Coco Peru–were snappy and insightful, all agreeing that not only was Bea funny, she was also downright hilarious! (Peru–aka Clinton Leupp is the drag performer who became unlikely friends with Bea in later years and went out for sushi with her, agreeing when she declared, “Isn’t this fucking delicious?”)

Best of all, Rosie O’Donnell said…Well, let me save that for the column to keep you on your toes. But trust me–the hard boiled egg was actually a big, old softie.