Booze News: A Beer Chewed First; What Is Natural Wine, Anyway?


On the heels of The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times launching wine clubs, USA Today has launched its own wine club. Subscribers will receive six bottles of wine each quarter for $69.99 plus $11.99 shipping.
[PR Newswire via Reuters]

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales attempted to make a batch of chicha, a traditional Latin American corn beer. Following an authentic Peruvian recipe, the corn was milled and moistened in the brewer’s mouth.
[NY Times]

Surprising to those who are not wine connoisseurs, Pennsylvania is one of the country’s largest grape producers and home to more than 130 wineries spread across eight growing regions. The 2007 growing year was a good one.
[NY Daily News]

Alinea chef Grant Achatz has penned the first of an eight-part series on pairing food with wine. In the first, entitled “Why Wine Pairings Matter,” he claims that “each course can be enhanced by the wine — and visa versa: that the food can enhance the wine as well.”
[Atlantic Monthly Food Channel]

Eric Asimov weighs in on natural wine, following a panel debate at the San Francisco Natural Wine Week held last week. He doesn’t believe “the dividing line between natural and — what, unnatural? — is always that clear,” but some of his colleagues disagree.
[NY Times/The Pour]