Chinatown Brasserie to Get a Makeover


Per the Feedbag, Chinatown Brasserie, the well-reviewed but under-populated dim sum shrine on Lafayette, will be relocating to its basement. The makeover will come courtesy of Serge Becker, the empire-builder behind La Esquina, Cafe Select, the Box, BBar, and Joe’s Pub. Becker was recruited by Brasserie partners John McDonald and Josh Picard, who have also brought in Lure’s Josh Capon and Robert Collins to oversee the new, as-yet-unnamed upstairs restaurant. Brasserie’s chef, Joe Ng, will stay on to cook downstairs. It seems that what’s old is new: Becker was also behind Fez and Time Cafe, both of which previously occupied the Brasserie space. Expect him to excavate a few memories when the new place opens in December.