City Plans Fight on Lawsuit by Man Allegedly Sodomized by Cop


When street guy Michael Mineo claimed last year he was sodomized with a walkie-talkie antenna by a cop, police and law-and-order types were skeptical, despite Mineo’s ruptured anus. Then a transit cop said he saw the whole thing — though it was a police baton that was used, he said, not a radio — and a cop was indicted for the act, along with his enablers. Mineo, perhaps feeling the sting of injustice, is suing the city for $225 million.

The city often settles in case like this, particularly when an indictment is pending, but they’ve asked a judge to remove the NYPD from the suit. NY1 says the city “is vowing to fight” the lawsuit.

$225 million is a lot of scratch, and maybe the city thinks it can beat the rap, the transit officer’s testimony notwithstanding. Mineo, who got stabbed in a knife fight after the incident, was arrested yesterday on outstanding warrants.